5 Handcrafted Summer Essentials

Summer has arrived here in the okanagan, and it's arrived with full force! So I thought I would share a few of my must haves to survive this heat wave. 

First up is Om Naturale Sun Cream!


I discovered this sun cream about a month ago from my favourite natural beauty care line. I was a little skeptical at first as I am extremely fair and burn just looking at the sun. I lathered it on and headed to the park with the kids for a couple of hours. Once home I checked the results and I was not burnt until I looked at my back and realized I forgot to get Mike to do my back :( . Seeing the difference between my back and the rest of me had me hooked.

I've been using it since on both me,my daughter and the twins I look after and we love it. The twins mom is now using it at home too. The things I love about it is it's all natural, (no nasty chemicals), handcrafted by a herbalist right here in the Okanagan, and it leaves your skin feeling great and rubs in without being greasy.

Check out her website http://www.omnaturale.ca to pick up some of your own or pick up locally at the Kelowna and Vernon Farmers Markets.

 Next up is Sparky Jones!


This year I was on a mission to find a hat. I've never been a fan of summer hats. I was never able to find one that was flattering on and living on the coast for 12 years I was able to get away without one. Not living here in the Okanagan though, last year I burnt my head so I quickly realized I had to find a hat.

I was thrilled to meet Jemma and her amazing hats at a show this past winter. Instantly I fell in love with the style and quality of these hats, and so did Bean (she put one on and wouldn't take it off). I love that these are hand made with vintage, reclaimed + natural/organic fabrics making these a sustainable choice and they are made right here in the Okanagan. The quality of these hats are impeccable, they are fully lined and the fit is amazing. I see many more of these in my future.

Check out sparkyjones.ca to get one your own.

Summertime for me has always been about tank tops, So I was thrilled to discover some amazing tanks by the talented Love Making Designs!

Love Making Designs is the baby of Trish and Kiley, all of their images are drawn by hand and then hand printed in their home studio in Revelstoke, BC. They are inspired by the mountains and the people who call them home.

I love these tanks, especially the sheep one! The  tanks they use have an amazing fit and the designs are fun. They also use water based dyes and source ethically sound blanks.

Check them out at lovemakingdesigns.ca

Last but not least what to drink on a hot day! I like (need) my tea in the morning but with warmer temps I don't always want to drink it hot. So next best thing Iced tea in my mason jar!

Our mason jar cozies are made here at Splat And Co. They have been repurposed from some discontinued cowls that we felted and then sewed. Being that they are wool they help to insulate and are cozy on your hand. We sell them with the jar and lids and use them from everything from coffee to smoothies!

Available at splatandco.com

 For tea lately I've been addicted to Flying Leaf Tea Company. I'm a green tea drinker and have been enjoying quite a few different flavours she has. Such as this one Morning Squeeze.

Flying Leaf Tea Co. was founded by Tracy Banner who is one of the first sixteen Certified Tea Blenders in North America. She uses the finest organic teas,herbs,spices,fruits,nuts and flowers from around the world. She blends her teas in small batches so they are fresh and flavourful. I've been enjoying these teas hot all winter and now will be enjoying them chilled.

Order your own tea at flyingleaftea.com or locally pick up at the Kelowna Farmers Market.

Check back with our blog tomorrow to see how to make your own iced tea in a jar! Have a great summer!


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