Unravelled Faq

 Hi there!

We are Jamie and Mike, fibre artists from "The General Bean" and we are proud to present "Unravelled: A Local Fibre Tale" which is an awesome opportunity for in- person and digital outreach for you as well as for the fibre industry itself. Yeah, you could say that we are just a bit passionate about natural fibres.. so we are combining activism, community and art to create a gallery show and maker space for the months of December and January. It's going to be held at the Sparrow Art Space in Calgary. This beautiful 700 square foot space will showcase Alberta Fibre/Textile Artists, Fibre Art supplies from local producers, workshops, and a photography exhibit by M. Scott Ault showcasing the artists, producers and behind the scenes of the Alberta fibre world.

We would love for you to participate.. so, take a boo at the FAQ's listed, below.. reach out if you have any questions.. and.. Apply To Participate.

Q.: Who can apply?

A.: Anyone that works predominantly with natural fibres/textiles and resides in Alberta. This would mean you produce fibre, process fibre, or take fibre from one state and turn it in to another state. Please note, if you are an artist working with fibres, we would look to artists using Alberta sourced materials first then Nationally sourced materials. While we do appreciate all applications, we are concentrating on local.

Q: What types of materials/Works are being accepted?

A: Our goal is to showcase items which are created from nature whether that be from the land such as materials for baskets or textiles or from animals such as wool or leather that has been sourced and processed locally in an environmentally friendly manner. It can also be found materials such as porcupine quills. As long as it’s sourced responsibly and locally we would love to see what you are creating. Our goal with this show is to show what can be done within our local province  and educate away from the fast fashion industry and towards a more sustainable future. 

Q.: I get my fibre from a US wholesaler and they don't tell me where they get it.. can I apply?

A.: At this time, while we do wish to profile as diverse a collection of artisans as possible, we are concentrating on local/ provincial materials and artists for this show/ exhibit.

 Q.: Do I have to be onsite for specific times/ days during the exhibit?

A.: While we do invite participation, it is not necessary. Jamie and/or Mike will be onsite during scheduled hours and dates but we will have a sign- up sheet for demos, tutorials, classes, or even just to be available to the public but it isn't necessary.

Q.: Is there a cost?

A.: The registration fee is $45 non refundable and there is a commission 60/40 split to cover space fees, processing fees, and any other costs involved with the show (advertising/ promotions etc.). We will be taking care of all sales and will pay out you’re percentage (60%) twice, by Jan 15 and by Feb 15.

Q.: What are the hours of the exhibit?

A.: Thurs thru Saturday 11am to 7pm; Sundays 12- 5pm; We will be looking at an increased schedule during the weeks prior to Christmas. Please note: we do anticipate workshops and classes to be taking place during the other days and hours keeping to general "Business hours."

Q.: What about COVID protocols?

A.: As a Gallery Space, we are required to follow any/ all local, municipal, and provincial mandates and don't anticipate any hurdles in doing so. This means anyone entering the space will have to either have the vaccine or proof of negative testing. This is a global application and applies to vendors, artisans, gallery staff as well as public coming to attend. 

Q.: What if there is a lockdown?

A.: We aren't worried that a lockdown will take place but we already do have in place ideas for virtual events as well as private zoom shopping options with curbside pick up and local delivery options. Yes, the pandemic causes issues however, we've been working around the clock on our own business and are bringing proven activities to this gallery show in order to maximize audience potential and customer satisfaction.

Q.: Do I need to have my own insurance?

A.: Yes. The gallery and host(s) won't have insurance to cover loss or damage therefore it is the responsibility of the exhibited entities to make sure that they are covered for these circumstances.

Q: I’m interested in teaching a workshop or giving a lecture, How do I apply for that.

A: Please send us an email at thegeneralbean@gmail.com and tell us about what you would like to propose and we will get back to you to discuss.

Please Note: this is not an exhaustive list.. and we reserve the right to modify/ add to/ edit/ or create new entries as needs arise. If you have a question that hasn't been addressed herein, please- reach out to us. We are more than willing to go over your specific consideration.