Zero Waste Valentines


This weekend Bean and I set out to make her Valentines for School. I've never been a big fan of buying cards so we usually try to make them. This year I wanted to do something that would be zero waste or close to and not be candy. So when I saw the idea of seed bombs I knew that was the project.

Here's what we did:


Seed Bombs


Colored paper and news paper or just newspaper about 7 sheets

Wild Flower seeds, small ones

Blender or Food Processer (I found the food Processer worked best but you can use whichever you have)



Rag or cut up t shirt


Silicone mould or just shape into balls

2.5 Cups of hot water 




1) Rip paper into small bits

 2) Place paper in blender and add hot water to cover, Aproximately 2.5 cups, leave for 10min.

3) Blend paper to a pulp

4) Place a colander inside a bowl and place a rag over top, we used a cut up shirt.


 5) Remove your mixture from the blender and place on cloth. Add a couple teaspoons of seed and mix it into the mixture with your hands.

 6) Wrap the cloth around the mixture and squeeze out as much water as possible.

7) Remove the mixture and either roll into small balls or press into a silicone mold.

8) Use a sponge to press on each seed bomb to remove more water.


9) Allow to dry at least overnight but if they are thick like ours it could take a couple days. We ended up having to put them in front of a fan to dry quickly as we ran out of time. They will not come out in one piece if they aren't completely dry.

10) Once dry pop them out and package them up. We used scrap material cut into a circle to wrap and tied a string around the top with our tags we made. I had the pre made tags already but you can make your own with paper and a hole punch.

Happy Valentines Day!

Check back next week to see how are travels to Ottawa go, I'm currently planning out how our Zero Waste/ Whole Foods plane ride will go tomorrow 😁

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