The Amazing Trash Race Giveaway!

Plastic Free YYC is putting on an amazing event this Saturday and we have donated a set of sloth Dryer balls. Check out the details from Plastic Free YYC

“Announcing our first prize for The Amazing Trash Race this Saturday! Trash pickers will compete for a chance to win a super cute set of Splat and Cowool dryer balls handcrafted right here in Calgary!**

Remember, there are 5 easy steps to participate:
1) Download the Litterati app on your smart device.
2) Create an account using your full name.
3) Join the Plastic-Free YYC club - go to the club tab and search for "Plastic-Free YYC" to find our group.
4) Go out on June 2nd, take a picture of each piece of litter you pick and upload it to the app.
5) Follow Plastic-Free YYC to find out competition results.

That's it - it's that easy! So, ready? Set? Go get that trash!
100in1Day Canada is a global movement that is changing how people interact with their cities. 100s of people united together taking 1 small action to improve their city all on the same day.

** Top Trash Racers must be located in Calgary to receive their prize*”

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