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Hello February! It's been a while since I've blogged so I wanted to start this month off with dusting it off. Last year was a crazy year for us with many big life events going on and juggling our little growing business. Going into this year Splat And Co is now my (Jamie) full time job which means a little extra time for things like blogging without trying to juggle a second business ( a home daycare) a little one and a husband working out of town. Thankfully Mike is home now, the daycare is all done and Beans in school....Night and day from last year to this. Yay!

Mike and I have always tried to live a somewhat environmentally aware lifestyle. Before Bean came along we lived the city life in Vancouver BC. Cycling,walking,busing everywhere but we also lived a very busy life of running around from one job to another so convenience definitely had crept into our lives. Once Bean arrived and the reality of the affordability of staying in the city and with us not wanting to put her in daycare, we packed up and moved back to the Okanagan where I had grown up.

Having a little one and no money (I was on maternity leave) we started re-evaluating our lifestyle and started to make changes towards a more sustainable lifestyle. We already cloth diapered but I started making everything I could and slowly started to push plastic out of our life. Within this change I was introduced to the concept of dryer balls and being a fibre artist already I made some up both as toys for my little home daycare that had started up a few months prior and for the dryer. Thus our dryer balls were born and within a few months Splat And Co was started.

Each year since we have been making little changes to our life towards sustainability. January this year I made a pact with Mike that we would work hard on pushing forward with a whole foods diet (nothing packaged) we already lived this way most of the time but we do like to grab things on the go or buy some convenience food especially during market/Christmas season.

Once started I began to really start to notice packaging and how much waste there is out there. The topper was when we stopped at the mall to do some mailing and thought we would grab a smoothie and a bit of chocolate. We walked away with two plastic cups with straws and chocolate in a plastic bag. At that point we decided to start trying to move towards the zero waste concept and bring our own containers and/or own food.

So I was thinking I would start blogging about our little journey towards sustainability. So tune in each week for stories about our week, products we love, sustainable solutions and such.




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  • Many blessings for you and your family are wished for you. :) May the sun always shine on your positivity and energy. Keep up the great work you do. We love you….. family :)

    Anita Bowen on

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