DIY Iced Tea in a Masonjar!

If you missed out on yesterday's post "5 Handmade Summer Essentials" make sure to check it out. In that post I talked about my favourite summer drink Iced Tea, so today I'm going to share how I make simple Masonjar Iced Tea.

Note any tea can be used bagged or loose leaf. I've been enjoying Flying Leaf Tea's Morning Squeeze Green Tea.


mason jar 500ml


Brewing basket (if using loose leaf)



Sweetner if desired (honey or sugar)



Place two tea bags or brewing basket with two servings of tea (2-3 teaspoons of tea) into jar. Fill with water (I used tap water) and place lid on top of jar. If using a brewing basket without a lid just put a bit of parchment paper on top. Place in fridge for 6-12 hrs. After time is up, remove from fridge and remove tea bags or basket from jar. Then sweeten to your liking with honey or sugar. I sometimes like to add a little lemon juice too. And that's it, fresh Iced Tea!

*note I found with the morning squeeze tea I didn't need to add any sweeter it was great just on its own


To order your own Flying Leaf Tea go to or locals can pick up at the Kelowna Farmers Market

for Masonjar cozies you can order at


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