Process - Coffee Cozies

Introducing our newest product, the Coffee Cozy!

 The coffee cozy is the newest addition to the Splat And Co line up, so I thought I would take this opportunity to tell you a bit about what goes into making these.

The idea for them came to us last summer when a customer at a market asked if we had ever made any. This got the wheels turning as to how we could make a cozy that was fun and functional and unlike every other cozy on the market. We envisioned making these on our knitting machine that we were planning to purchase that fall. Of course our machine arrived during our Christmas rush, so the learning process was put off until the new year. We were thrilled to see these come alive after so many months of invisioning them and released them this spring......

So how do we make these?

We start off by using our 100% Canadian Merino wool which comes on these cones all ready to knit with and are a fine weight wool.

 We then hand crank them out on our Earlbacher Gearhardt Knitting Machine which has been fashioned to be like the vintage Gearhardt knitting machines. This machine is generally used to produce socks but can be used for anything tube like.



Once off of the machine, the embellishments begin. The cozies that have pictures on them are needle felted ( a process of stabbing a sharp needle into roving (unspun wool) to form a picture) and then both the pictured ones and plain ones are hand seamed together creating a fabric that is double thickness, reversible and seamless.


 After the Cozies are all seamed up we then place them in the washing machine and felt them so they are very durable.

Our Cozies come in two different styles, patterned ones with cute needlefelted designs on them and reversible ones that are two different colours. These are made of wool so they will protect your hands as well as help insulate and are fully machine washable. 

If you would like to check them out for yourself you can find them in our online shop or at local shows. For online orders we are offering a 15% off discount on all Cozies. Just use coupon code COFFEECOZIES at checkout.


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