Wool Dryer Balls, Your Eco Friendly Laundry Alternative!

Wool dryer balls are used to lift and seperate your clothing while drying thus allowing air to flow through. In doing so this helps to reduce drying time, naturally soften clothing and help to reduce static in natural fibres. These work especially well with sheets and cloth diapers. They also can lightly scent your clothes naturally by adding 2-3 drops of essential oils per ball and allowing them to dry before popping them in.


Why do we love wool dryer balls?

Wool is a natural fiber, it is long lasting, compostable, quite in the dryer, and is chemical free. 

Where do we source our wool?

Our dryer balls are 100% Canadian! We source our wool from a small Alberta mill which processes wool from Western Canada. We then handcraft the dryer balls ourselves in our BC based studio.

Why do we needle felt pictures on some of them?

We started off making our dryer balls  as a natural toy for babies and tots. We soon realized how amazing they were as dryer balls and the pictures make doing laundry more fun. All pictures are needle felted on by hand.

 Want to try some out for yourself? Check them out in our online shop, one of our retailers or come see us at a local show.

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 Dryer balls 

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